Mikhail Stepanov


Born in Uglich, Russia in 1974, Mikhail Stepanov was able to study at the world famous Moscow State Circus School from 1993 until 1997.
During the training he already reached a world class technical and artistic standard with his double rope Act – “Robot on the Ropes ”
The official premier of Robot on the Ropes was in 1997 in the Moscow State Circus with great resonance.
In February 1997, before his qualification at the school, he won the silver medal at the Circus Festival “La Piste aus Espoirs”.
After successful performances in Belgium, France and Argentina, Mikhail Stepanov settled in Germany in 1999. From then on he has celebrated success in many Varieté and Events Productions , and continually perfected his technical and performance abilities.

Among the highlights of his recent work include the spectacular shows at the opening of the Max-Schmeling-Halle Berlin or his productions for ZDF „Summer Garden“ in 2002. and TV 5 „Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde“ in Paris 2006 , RTL Show 2008 , En Büyuk TV Show in Istambul 2012


Roncalli – Apollo Variete , Düsseldorf 2017     Event Show / Dubai 2015  Wintergarten Varieté, Berlin 2012 – 2013  TV Show „En Büyuk Show“ in Istanbul 2012   Sport Gala Show / Belgien 2011 Wintergarten Varieté / Berlin 2011 Gala Show Messe / Dresden 2010 Wintergarten Varieté / Berlin 2010 GOP Variete / Bad Oeynhausen 2010 GOP Variete / Hannover 2010 GOP Variete / Essen 2010 Cirque Buoffon & GOP Variete / Mallorca 2009 Stadt Theater / Mallorca 2009 TV 5 “ Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde“ Paris 2008 Friedrichsbau Variete / Stuttgart 2008 Internationale Computer-Messe / Wien 2008 Edeka 100 Jahren / Deutschland 2007 vTheater Zeitz im Capitol 2007 Casino / Lisboa 2007 Roncalli Bajazzo / Hamburg 2006 Gala Show Siemens / Oman 2006 Palazzo Witzigmann / Düsseldorf 2005 Kempinski Hotel / München 2005 Roland Theater / Münster 2005 vWeihnachts-Varieté /Bad Nenndorf 2004 Firma Löffelhardt – 100jähriges Jubiläum / Stuttgart 2004 RTL TV Show in Deutschland 2004 DaCapo Variete / Darmstadt 2004 Starclub Varieté/Fulda 2003 Liseberg/ Göteborg (Schweden) 2003 vGala Shows / Dubai – Abu Dabi – Oman 2003 Krystallpalast Variete /Leipzig 2003 Pegasus Variete / Bensheim 2002 GOP Variete / Hannover 2002 vGOP Variete / Essen 2002 vZDF TV Show „Sommer Garten“ 2002 Et-Cetera Variete / Bochum 2002 Gala Show DaCaPo/ Leipzig 2002 GOP Variete / Bad Oeynhausen 2001 Gala Show Drivescom“/Bad Oeynhausen 2001 Circus Maximus / Rom 2001 Krystallpalast Variete / Leipzig 2001 BMW/Leipzig 2001 Chamäleon Variete / Berlin 2001 Altes Theater/ Heilbronn 2001 vMicrosoft /München 2001 Brodway Theatr / Buenes Aires 2000 Roland-Theater / Münster 2000 Technik Museum / Berlin 2000 Traumtheater Salomé 1999 Große Moskau Stadt Circus 1998 Moskau Musik Holl / Germany 1998 Abschluss Moskau Zircus Schuhle 1997


Selected press comments 2006/2007

Artistic point of gloss after midnight the artistic point of gloss of
the evening sets Mikhail Stepanov after midnight: Apparently easy
defying all laws of the force of gravity, only hanging on two tapes,
„Artist of the yearly 2003 in the section Artistik“ a show those
the public hinreisst, imprisoned takes – and with enthusiastischem
applause is recompenced.“
Source: Frankenthaler newspaper 11/03

„Wariete kit tent the nerves, narrt the Sinne“

Wenn Mikhail Stepanov as „human machine“ at the vertical rope, drawer-linguistically Strapaten mentioned, unbelievable Body control demonstrated, however defies the force of gravity at hand and foot joint and heading over the soil against-rushed, schwindelt’s one when bare watching.

„Variete Et Cetera“

Convincing premiere of the new program in the „Et Cetera“ a Hingucker
that completely different sort is Mikhail Stepanov. With its
Strapatenakrobatik pulls up itself it apparently mi ease, from the
from the torso, at two ropes highly. That is body control purely.
(by Bianca Braunschweig)

„High point in the Schneegestoeber “

during itself the Russian typist Mikhail Stepanov as robots halsbreherisch around two rope winds, hangs the going through number still like a Damoklesschwert over the public, but initial anxiety a pleasant Ubeschwertheit yielded.

New Variete – show „summer time

Same applies also to Mikhail Stepanov, which proves as Robot Robot-Man that the laws of the force of gravity for him do not have validity.At the rope it demonstrated things, which would have convinced Newton to consider its theory again.
Source: Baselerstab, Lukas Mueller 10/07