Mikhail Stepanov

Mikhail Stepanov is powerful and aesthetically sophisticated artistry in the air and on the ground. Vertical aerial straps and rope are the disciplines with which he goes into the air – always accompanied by great Ideas and inspiring music. Performance „Cyr Roue “ a more difficult-to-learn discipline in the dividend Mikhail Stepanov in a steel ring hidden artfully rolled across the stage. His show Acts have already been awarded several International Prices in Gold and Silver.


Artistic point of gloss after midnight the artistic point of gloss of
the evening sets Mikhail Stepanov after midnight: Apparently easy
defying all laws of the force of gravity, only hanging on two tapes,
„Artist of the yearly 2003 in the section Artistik“ a show those
the public hinreisst, imprisoned takes – and with enthusiastischem
applause is recompenced.“

Frankenthaler Zeitung 11/03



Among the highlights of his recent work include the spectacular shows at the opening of the Max-Schmeling-Halle Berlin or his productions for ZDF „Summer Garden“ in 2002. and TV 5 „Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde“ in Paris 2006 , RTL Show 2008 , En Büyuk TV Show in Istambul 2012

Ballerina Juggling – „Fanteska“

Interesting show-combinations with Irina Bondrenko.

Info site : here

Website of  Irina : www.jongleurin.de