Mc Hero – Cyr Wheel

With the Roue Cyr Wheel Mikhail Stepanov leaves an unforgettable impression
His energetic dance with a metal wheel put the audience into a meditative flow. He goes to the limits of human ability and movement gives rise to fascinating images that touch people.

“Mc Hero,” a futuristic vision of the symbiosis of man and technology. Dressed like the robotic protagonist of an anime saga, Stepanov dazzles a captive audience with his mighty physical figure and artistic prowess. His constant companion is a larger-than-life steel hoop , the Cyr-Wheel. Although Stepanovs equipment works much like the dual-wheeled Rhönrad used in gymnastics, the Cyr-Wheel consists of just one metal circle rather two running parallel to each other.
Atmospheric electronic music underscores choreography that moves from the impressive to the outright astonishing, as Stepanov demonstrates the uncompromising precision and acrobatic skill necessary to become one with the wheel. The oscillating wheel is the yin to Stepanovs yang: Two objects in constant motion, working together like the gears and cogs of an invisible clock. With every turn and revolution, the inherent poetry of his mechanized motion is undeniable, leaving the audience to wonder whether robots have souls after all.