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Technical requirements:

Suspension aerial straps without motor

Hängerpunkt Technik










I.  show with suspension point on the hall ceiling, motor is brought:

Is required:

– Minimum height of 5 m.
– A point attachments of any type with a capacity of min. 250 Kg
(Links must point to the day of the event with a lift truck,
etc. Head be available.)
– A 220V power supply
– Minimum area around the aerial straps 2 feet in diameter

II show with freestanding stand apparatus for hanging point locations without
or open-air events:

We will need:
– Minimum height of 6 m.
– Footprint on the floor 4.50 m by 4.50 m
– A 220 V power supply

III. Cyr Wheel Act

– Minimum area 4 m. times 4 m.

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